Bad Service (No Service) on our Sunny Island

I have had a couple of rantings from some friends of their encounters with the lack of service recently. It’s my turn to rant…

I am pissed off! I was getting noodles (the greasy breakfast type with fried eggs, luncheon meat and the works) just and was queuing patiently in line when I got the bloody ah-lian aunty shouting at me the next minute:-

“You want to buy or not, if not i take order from the one behind you!”

“Excuse me?!” I am utterly flabbergasted. Did she just scream down my neck – her CUSTOMER? Or have times changed so much that customers have to be polite and take crap from sellers now?!?!

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I definitely did not notice her trying to catch my eye to take my order, nor did she even try beckoning to me! arghhhhhh!

I have to admit that I was too shell-shocked to retort..although I now have a stomachful of biting words I should have hit back then. (as usual, I’m too meek…)

Please everyone..even if she bloody sells the World’s best kway teow, bee hoon or whatever… STOP buying from her!!! That will teach her for being so darn freaking cocky. I hope her stupid stall goes bankrupt from her bad service and she ends up on the streets. (ok, i’m slight exagerrating here..but she doesn’t deserve to be in business!!!!)

**** her stall is on Level 2 of Golden Shoe Food Centre, 2nd last row from the end.
Store name: 天福米粉 (Tian Fu Mee Fen)
She’s a short-haired old ah-lian aunty trying to be hip and beautiful. Sheesh!! *fumes*

Where’s the service Singapore??

4 thoughts on “Bad Service (No Service) on our Sunny Island

  1. Self-service is no service. We shld boycott all stalls which practise indiscriminate “self-service”. Went to this new food court at Mosque St recently. The fish-soup stallholder insisted on not delivering the food despite the fact that my table was 2 metres away and there were no other customers at that time! Then I saw the charkwayteow seller walking all the way to his customer’s table to inform the latter that his order was ready for collection instead of carrying the food with him!


  2. you’re absolutely right lawless.. self-service is no service. funny how many stall vendors are these days, its like they are doing us a favour when we patronise their stall. ha.


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