ChildAid 2006

The boy and I caught ChildAid 2006 last night. It was a show put up by Singapore’s best and talented children and teens (in aid of Straits Times’s school pocket money fund). We were completely blown away. They are truly a talented bunch of twinkies! There were ballerinas, hip-hop dancers, violinists, drummers, singers…

I was so amazed by their stage-confidence- no one made a single mistake with their performances!!! And most of all, their musical abilities. If I had watched the show with my eyes blind-folded, I would never have guessed they were kids.

There was a teeny boy, (probably like 5 years or something) who really stood out during the group hip-hop dance act. He was so into it and was really a natural. The boy remarked that a true talent can be spotted a mile away…even in the midst of the already very talented. (did i make sense there? haha)

I have to add that there was a violin piece put up by a pair of siblings. They reminded us of the Adam’s Family because the piece they performed was somewhat, erm, freakish, dark and melancholic. Haha. We could almost imagine them cutting up their parents with the violin music playing in the background…opps!!

For those who missed the concert you can go to and watch some of their amazing performances.

One thought on “ChildAid 2006

  1. hey i went to stomp and thought cool i wanna watch the dancing boy again.. but what the.. what was the cameraman doing? people are dancing and he was shooting a closeup of the graffitti on the wall??!! Or worse all the other shots are midshots with freaking roving cam??!! you see all torso but no hands!! haiyo… this uncle surely didn’t get hip hop at all!! =Pnothing like the real thing.. =)j


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