"Primed for Action"

I’m in the midst of an interesting book – “Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell.

It is about those moments when we ‘know’ something without knowing why and about
understanding how our subconscious snap judgement can be far more accurate than a cautious decision.

Visuals, words and all around will affect us unknowingly. This is one test devised by a clever psychologist.-

Below is a list of 5 word sets. Make a grammatical 4 word sentence as quickly as possible with each set.

01. him was worried she always
02. from are florida oranges temperature
03. ball the throw toss silently
04. shoes give replace old the
05. he observes occassionally people watches
06. be will sweat lonely they
07. sky the seamless gray is
08. should now withdraw forgetful we
09. us bingo sing play let
10. sunlight makes temperature wrinkle raisins

It has been attested that after finishing this test, you would – believe it or not – walk slower and be in the state of an aged person. This test affects your adaptive unconscious and primes you to think about the state of being old, by the use of key words in the sentences. Namely, “worried”, “Florida”, “old”, “lonely”, “gray”, “bingo” and “wrinkle”.

*gasp* so all…start priming yourself and one another! Some words I would suggest: gorgeous, quick, smart, happy, rich, taut, smooth, sunny…

Roll in these words on my comment box all!

Meanwhile, ‘ have a fruitful beautiful life all you charming young zippy ones’ 🙂

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