Today marks exactly 2 months since Jon and I have been married. How time flies!

A lot of people have asked me how’s married life and I have the most mundane answer to that. It feels almost the same as when we were dating! I think because we know each other so well and we’ve been living together for a while – I totally recommend couples to live together before getting married – there aren’t any unexpected surprises, yet. 
There are subtle changes however, like I’ve noticed that Jon has become more tolerant since getting married and is quicker to let things go these days. When asked, he says that he feels like there’s no point getting worked up over small matters since we’re going to be together forever anyway. Haha, I’ve got no complaints to that! For myself, I feel a slight self-inflicted pressure to want to be more of a ‘wife’ and take care of my husband since I’ve become Mrs Leong. I try and make sure that he’s well-fed, has clothes to wear, that his workwear is ironed, etc. 
I guess we’re both slowly easing into our new roles as husband and wife and learning to function more as a unit instead of individuals. Happy 2 months to us and here’s to many more happy years ahead!

Jon’s Suit: Common Suit
Hair & Makeup: Shaun Lee
Flowers: Hello Flowers
Wedding Stylist: Invited SG
Dessert: Jara Petit

2 thoughts on “OUR WEDDING VIDEO

  1. You guys are so sweet! I'm just wondering where did you guys live together cos me and my fiance are busy looking for a house together since both our parents are overseas


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