[♥] Seoul Lovin’ Part #2

Streets of Namdemun

Lots of stalls selling dog’s clothes. Very cute! Got a cute little dress and singlet for my sister’s dog, Moon. I wanted to get some for Domo, but he’s already got a closetful of clothes…so I decided against it.

Spotted this super funky and retro looking gold suit for sale. Who’s going to buy it?

Tons of designer knock-offs. You can find Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Anya Hindmarch all under one roof.

Love those rice cakes floating in the soup.

Korean ginseng in every form. Mum was totally convinced of it’s health beneficial properties and went slightly crazy buying.

Goodness in a bottle.

Slightly amazed by this roadside stall overflowing with garlic. I bet this is every chinese vampire’s nightmare! Hurhur.

So apparently, Crystal Jade is world famous.

The food from Crystal Jade Singapore is way better.

Spotted this huge 3-D Smurf poster! They’re looking all fluffy and cute!

Gourmet burgers. A must have in Korea! Reminds me of LA’s In-and-Out.

Lots of pretty cafes all around.


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