Universal Studios ~ Theme Park Wonderland! ♥

I’ve always always loved theme parks. There’s a magical feel about them, and it’s like having your imagination spring to life. Although, I wasn’t too excited about Universal Singapore because Singapore is too hot(!), I’m so glad that I went because I had so much fun with the family!

Up bright and early, waiting for uncle, aunty and cousins with mum. They are late!

This is how the outsides look like… with that infamous globe.

There they are! Uncle Eddie checking the time…opps… (left to right) That’s Nic, Alex, Uncle Ed, Debra and Aunty Bong.

Everybody has to get a picture with that globe!!

Waiting outside the guest relations office. Because not all rides are opened, we get meal and shopping vouchers. (P.S I’m glad that mega rollercoaster ride is closed, cos’ I’m so afraid to ride it anyway! heehee.)

Hollywood Street!…where all the shops are. Reminded me of the shopping street in Disneyland Tokyo. Hollywood Street is the only place opened till 7pm. All other areas of the park close at 6pm. Too early!

Notice the walkway? That’s the Hollywood walk of fame! (Miniature version) I swear I remember the stars being bigger on the actual walk of fame.

You don’t have to win an Oscar’s to have an Oscar statue. You can buy an accolade of any kind here!

New York!! This is…the steps of the New York library? The place that Carrie Bradshaw was supposed to get married in Sex and the City? No??

“Rockefeller Centre”! Ooh I miss New York so. Take me back!!
(This is Daphne by the way!)

First ride we took at “Sci-Fi City”. It spins really quickly and gets you all dizzy.

Alex spinning the wheel and causing us to spin and dizz even more. It’s a good thing we didn’t have breakfast!

We queued really long for this ride at “Ancient Egypt World” that was so not worth it. You sit in this vintage car and it takes you around for a ride, quick ride. With nothing much to see.

View along the way.

Daphne is the youngest of all the cousins. 🙂

The “Mummy” ride at “Ancient Egypt”. Freaked the hell out of me. We plunged into total darkness and lunged everywhere! I think I screamed till I had sore throat on this one. My cousins went back on it thrice!!!

“Lost World”… where we had lunch. Food is terrible at Universal by the way! Rawhhh!

“Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure”

Gets you soaking wet! Haha. Don’t skip the poncho!

My favourite churros! This one was terrible too by the way. How disappointing…:(

Waiting in line for Shrek’s 4D adventure.

Alex and Nic played silly painful games everytime they waited in line.

Look at how red and bruised their hands were!

“Far Far Away Land” Pretty castle!

We went back to the “Canopy Flyer” at “Lost World” and waited 55 mins!

Still waiting in line…I totally expected a leisure ride on this one, but no! It zoomed around really fast scaring the life outta me!

Snack break.

Very hot and tired by now. I’m so glad I brought my mini fans!

The hotdogs were disappointing too. 😦

Waiting for my cousins take some scary ride for the second time again.

Ooh! Love the popcorn car at Hollywood Street!
We did our final shopping here, and then headed back home.

Although a little small (similar to the size of Hong Kong’s Disneyland), Universal Studios Singapore is definitely worth a visit!

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