HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!… make your new year’s resolutions and stick to them!
May all your colourful dreams come true this year! *muack*

5 thoughts on “2009~!

  1. hey pretty, which groomer do you bring domo to? im looking for one that can do a good teddy bear cut for my toy poodle!


  2. thanks for the contact. do have a question, am having difficulty potty training my toy poodle, im using the pee tray method but just dunno where went wrong. there is a pee tray in her cage and another outside her cage (in an empty space). she pees in the pee tray when she is inside the cage but when i let her out, she doesnt pee at the pee tray in that empty space nor does she go back to the pee tray in her cage. dunno what went wrong. how did you actually potty train domo?


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