Jeneen’s Birthday part II

Elaine had a table reserved at Bukenero’s@ Tanjong Pagar to celebrate Derek’s and my birthday. It’s such a huge coincidence that our birthdays fall on the exact same day. (What are the chances of that?!)

p.s Derek is my little cousin, who is Elaine’s little brother. He still calls me Jeneen ‘che’ though we are all grown up now. How sweet. 🙂

I made my way to the restaurant after work..and man! did I have a really hard time looking for the restaurant! I went round and round Tanjong Pagar Road so many times, I think I’ve got all the bridal shops and restaurants located on that street memorised…yet I couldn’t find ‘Bukenero’. Finally, after calling Derek many times for the exact location and ringing up Bukenero for directions, I finally found it. It was a little shop sandwiched amongst the other monstrous ones and had a little nondescript sign on the door.

But! The search was worth it. It had a cosy quaint ambience and it almost felt like we were having dinner in our own home. The restaurant was runned by a couple – the husband being the chef, and the wife, serving the food. The food menu was an array of delectable french/asian fusion palette changed regularly and every dish is almost always a winner. (as proclaimed by Elaine) 🙂 The three of us stuffed ourselves with tomato/mushroom soups, crabcake appetisers, pasta, bacon beef steak, chocolate cake, strawberries in a delicious sauce and chocolate mint panna cotta. I really wanted to take more photos of the food..but they were so yummy that I kept forgetting…I only remembered after we’ve cleaned out the plates! Opps!

It was so wonderful to have a nice, relaxing sit down dinner and catch up with the both of them. It’s really nice to slow down sometimes amidst our busy lives! The great food and excellent personalised service was an extra bonus.

I definitely want to go back again.

Derek was slightly amused by elaine’s bemoan about looking ‘fatt’ in certain photos and her insistence in re-taking them shot after shot. So were the others in the restaurant I’m sure. Ha ha. We had quite a good laugh. 😀 (click on the photo collage to enlarge.)

p.s Thank you Derek for the wonderful fragrance! I go about everyday smelling great! (like I’ve always been! Hehe…)

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