-on behalf of daddy

My dad the real estate agent ranted to me that he closed a deal with his seller client yesterday. Prices were all agreed and cheques were already written out by the buyer. My dad was in cloud 9 (this being the 2nd property in a week??) until the seller client mysteriously disappeared. As my dad furiously sms-ed and rang him because he wanted to deliver the cheque and get him to ink the deal, he blatantly and rudely ignored all.

I can’t believe that anyone can be so bluddy rude and inconsiderate! I can’t believe he couldn’t make that courtesty call to call off the deal. Was he that much of a coward?

I will never be able to understand what goes through some people’s heads. But I strongly think this guy should be shot.

daddy and mummy….

7 thoughts on “-on behalf of daddy

  1. Yr parents have matching name cards! So cute.And they look damn professional. Especially your dad. He looks really trustworthy and refined in that picture!


  2. Halo J*neen, pls send my regards to Uncle Goh and Aunty Lucy for me. Haha.. still rem I got to know them through the Vietnam trip and thanks to Uncle Goh for his fluent Vietnamese & bargaining power that helps us to save some bucks. And now, they both still look so energetic and young!! Din even know they become real estate agents. Will ask them for lobangs if I need one.. Stay happy always.. 😛Cheers,bensheares


  3. hihi! i will send your regards ben! oh yes, my dad fits in quite well in vietnam. hee. my dad is a real estate agent, and my mum provides home stay services for foreign students. i’m sure they’ll be glad to help if you need any lobangs!! stay happy always too! 😀


  4. OMG. I’d go tell mum you posted her photo on the WORLD WIDE WEB.Tee hee hee.😉And don’t you even *think* of posting *my* photo on your blog *glares*


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